Who is CR ?

Cuccino Royale (CR), a Fort Onyemsville company, is an innovative start-up online business, specializing in discovering, developing and delivering affordable luxury wedding invitation and stationery in Nigeria. Since 2014, Cuccino Royale has helped many couples make their wedding vision come to life. We believe your wedding stationery should reflect who the couple is.  We believe in a world where everyone can afford luxury wedding invitation and stationery to make that one special day really memorable.

We protect the quality of our services, retain the best wedding stationery designs, coach the winning team and reward our customers through the creation of new innovative services and features that make shopping experience at Cuccino Royale unique.

why you’ll love CR

Our Design, Your Way

With so many styles, you’ll find a design that reflects you- together.

Quality you’ll be proud of

You will love both quality of the wedding invitation and printing.

Prices you’ll feel good about

Just the right price so you can spend the big bucks on the honeymoon.

At your service, 24/7

Timely and effective response to all your requests | 100% Satisfaction guaranteed | We will make sure your wedding stationery is flawless !!

CR Culture

No matter who we are, we deserve to enjoy working. As we spend one third of each weekday at work, our working culture should be the kind that makes us happy. Cuccino Royale is led like a professional sports team where everyone knows what role to play and is committed to the same goal. Creating a sports team culture and happiness comes down to the basics of communication: respect, trust and openness.

We treat everyone with the same respect and joy, whether they be our staff or customers. Our team gets the chance to flourish and prosper at Cuccino Royale, because our efforts are not only valued and appreciated, but relied upon. We share knowledge and work with ideas to get the best out of every member of the Cuccino family.


To help couples make their wedding vision come to life by delivering affordable luxury wedding invitation and stationery.


Our vision is to make luxury wedding stationery affordable and available for everyone regardless of class and creed.

CR Values

Team Work

“One for all and all for one”. Discovering, developing and delivering affordable luxury can only happen with a seamless teamwork between people who share the same passion and drive towards the work.

Customer Focus

“How can we help you”? We are providing affordable luxury wedding stationery for our customers to make their wedding vision come to life. Our Cuccino Royale experience comes from the open dialogue between our team and customers.


“Go beyond ordinary”. We believe in disruptive ideas and beautiful designs that reflect who you are—together.


“Making things better and simpler”. Nothing is ever too good for our customers.